Welcome to the International Sports Travel Agencies Association, i.s.t.a.a.

i.s.t.a.a. (International Sports Travel Agencies Association) is a non-profit association governed by its statutes and by Articles 60 et seq. of the Swiss Civil Code. It is neutral politically, and non-denominational.

The scope of the Association is international and its operation worldwide.

aims and objectives

It shall pursue the following aims:

  • To develop and secure Sports travel, promoting a positive image of sports events.
  • To support and promote i.s.t.a.a. members’ business and cooperation.
  • To share best practices.
  • To promote Sports events and its destinations.
  • To support and promote group synergies.
  • To build relations with the relevant organisations and bodies in the Sports, hospitality and travel fields.

The key objectives of the Association are notably the following:

  • To develop strong relations among i.s.t.a.a. members internationally.
  • To build a „niche” sector of travellers by promoting sporting events as exclusive trips for the corporate market, change the social structure of travelling sports fans (versus low cost traveller traffic), to
    promote development of „high class” segments of sports travel traffic (corporate incentives & VIP groups).
  • To facilitate networking as a day to day tool, and enhance educational and communications opportunities.
  • To promote sporting events and host cities as attractive travel destinations.
  • To promote, implement and give publicity to safety solutions on stadiums.
  • To enhance the image and profile of the sports tourism industry.
  • To develop and facilitate access to industry tools.
  • To encourage investment in sports tourism in the public and private sectors.
  • To coordinate research and data collection on activity within the sport tourism industry and to assess
    the economic impact of sporting events.

board of directors

Mr. Nazeer Camaroodeen

President of i.s.t.a.a.

Fli-Afrika, South Africa

Mr. Marco Mazzi

Vice President of i.s.t.a.a.

Travel Market srl, Italy

Mr. Mayank A. Khandwala

Treasurer of i.s.t.a.a.

Cutting Edge, India

Mr. Wim Jansen


The Netherlands

Mr. Yoav Bruck



Mr. Pavle Markovic

BAN Tours


Mr. David Chevalier

Groupe Couleur


Mr. David Segel

West End Travel


Mr. Grégory Sevault



Ms. Cristina Cuervo

Secretary General, Spain



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code of conduct

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