associate members

An associate member:

  • Will receive an i.s.t.a.a. certificate, an Associate member logo and access to the member network, tools and information.
  • Is empowered to be elected or nominated to work for i.s.t.a.a. in established Committees.
  • Can address their recommendations to the Committee or Plenary Session.
  • Loses the membership automatically if the membership fee is not paid on time or ceases to meet the basic criteria.
  • Can also be upgraded to active member status if the basic criteria are met.
  • Has the right to be informed about all the activities of i.s.t.a.a.

Associate member fees

One time admission fee: 520 €

Yearly fee: 730 €

An Associate member is a sports travel agency, which does not meet criteria of Active member but is very active in Sports Travel, providing:

  • Minimum 3 recommendations from approved i.s.t.a.a. members.
  • Minimum 5 years of continuous sports travel agency activity.
  • Solid insurance or bank guarantee.